How to use a handheld massager like Theragun, Hypervolt, Timtam?

A handheld massager like Theragaun could activate our muscles, stimulate blood flow, increase the range of motion, and reduce pain conveniently. When you are reading this blog, you maybe have owned a handheld massager such as Theragun, Hypervolt or Timtam massager and enjoy them every day. If true, this blog will help you know more about how to use them professionally. If not, it will also help you learn what a handheld massager could do to recover from the intense working. In this blog, we choose the Theragun to show the details, the others hold the similar way.


Details about Theragun

Theragun attachments

Theragun has been equipped with 4 types of AmpBIT (Amplitude Blood Flow Increased Treatment) attachments as shown in the above pic.

  • Large Ball AmpBIT is suitable for large muscle groups such as quads, glutes or extreme soreness

  • Standard Ball AmpBIT is ideal for general everyday usage

  • Dampener AmpBIT: for bone and sensitive areas or extreme tenderness

  • Cone AmpBIT: for deep tissue, trigger points and small muscle areas like the feet, wrists, etc.

Therefore, for different situations and muscle areas, we should choose an appropriate AmpBIT to maximize the performance of Theragun and avoid the troubles of wrong use. Apart from these four AmpBIT attachments, it should be mentioned that Theragun provides four arm positions which some handheld massagers don’t have.

Theragun arm positions

Treat by yourself

Based on different AmpBITs and arm positions, the following pic shows the varieties of ways to deal with our improtant muscles.

Theragun muscle areas

There are some tips given here

  • For regular use, each parts can be treated for 60-90 seconds. A full body session can be finished in 15 minutes.

  • If you just finished an hight intense workout, 20 minutes are recommended and you should spend more time on the painful muscle groups.

  • Theragun isn’t limited only for recovering. It also can be use either for preparing for a workout or during a workout. In the pre-workout stage, it can decrease pain, increase mobility and improve muscle coordination. During the workout, it can increase glycogen which is the fuel for our cells, increase blood flow and circulation and prevent muscle faigue and soreness.

Video list

Treat with others

If you have some experiences in using a Theragun, you may find that there exist some muscle areas where you can’t treat by yourself. Therefore, here we select some videos for some special areas about how to treat others with Theragun so that you can be treated with some others’ help.

Upper back





So far, we have introduced almost all the details about how to use a Theragun or the similar handheld massagers. You are welcome to comment below to share how you use them or the feelings about handheld massagers. We will also update this blog in time so that it can be more and more useful!


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