Hyperice Hypervolt: 6 things you should know – Review 2020

Today what we want to review is Hyperice Hypervolt. It is a personal and battery powered handheld massage device also referred to as a percussion therapy device. We will talk about 6 things of this device that we think people should know, also including a comparison with the TheraGun G2PRO which is another popular and big percussion therapy device.


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Before we dive into the review, it is important for you to know what exactly this device is and what you can do with it. Basically, it is similar to a foam roller which means that you can use it for either recovery or activation. It can help you to reduce your muscle stiffness and soreness, improve the range of motion and reduce injury risks.  Besides, more and more athletes begin to use it to activate muscles before a workout or a match.

1. Three speed settings

Hypervolt has three different speeds and this means that it can deliver low as 2000 percussion per minute and high as approximately 3200 percussion per minute. The lower speed settings will allow you to hit areas that are more sensitive so as not to cause you any discomfort. It is also applicable to those people who are a little more fragile. You can go all the way up to the higher speeds if you are working on really tight knots.

2. Four head attachments

Unlike a foam roller which has a bigger surface area, Hypervolt will help you to be more targeted because of its relatively smaller surface area. The foam roller can be used on the whole of your back, quad, hamstrings, large muscles and so on. With this device, however, you can focus on small areas like trigger points.

head attachments of HypervoltIt comes with four different head attachments as shown below. In addition to the ball head, you will get the fork attachment which you will find to be really useful to release your traps. The other attachment is the bullet and it is the one that resembles a real bullet. This will be the best to serve you, if you want to massage a very specific area like trigger points or anywhere else that you want. The last attachment is what they refer to as the damper and it has a thud like effect. The ball head is called so because it is rounded but when using it, you do not use the whole ball head. Rather, you only hit with the shaved part of it that has the damp. That will be better for large muscle groups or anywhere you might want to give a kick.

3. Three hours of Battery life

Hypervolt has a large battery which is the black portion that you see at the bottom. Though it can be removed anytime, there is no reason why you should do that. You can keep it in all the time. This battery can be charged from the same place and its battery life is long-lasting, going up to 3 hours according to our test. 3 hours should be just enough for you if you are using it personally but for someone such as a personal trainer, it is advisable to switch it off when not in use to conserve battery life. If you are using it in the on and off way, then the battery life could easily last you more than a whole week. Battery life is the most outstanding feature of  Hypervolt compared with other handheld massagers .

4. Quieter

Quiet GlideOne of the 6 key things you should know about this massager is that it is a lot quieter than many other percussion therapy devices such as Raptor or Theragun G2PRO. Because of this great improvement you can even carry it and use it at the office, it doesn’t disturb anyone. This such a good feature even has its own name Quiet Glide™ technology. It basically works like a piston, rotating and then moving the ball up and down making it really quiet.

5. Price

The other thing is the price of Hypervolt which is around three hundred dollars. We know that this might sound a little bit expensive to anyone who isn’t a health care practitioner or who is not a fitness buff. But we think it is actually affordable because of the convenience and effectiveness. Compared with the service of massage therapist, it is low enough to be able to get one. Beside, it is much more affordable than other percussion devices and we like to recommend it to anyone with small or long lasting injuries.

6. Hypervolt vs TheraGun G3PRO

Theragun G3PRO accessories

I know that this is the last thing that most people are concerned about. we would start with the TheraGun G3PRO, because it has been in the market for a longer time. The biggest reason why people use it would be  the arm with adjustable angles that makes it easier for people to use it by themselves. It is also good for physical therapists and personal trainers because of the flexibility of the adjustable angle.

The second thing is that because of its ergonomic design, it is easier to grip and use for long periods of time.

The third thing that we prefer TheraGun G3PRO is the damp attachment. It is softer and therefore gives the feeling of a gentler massage. We think it would be great if the Hypervolt could have incorporated this damping attachment in their device.

The last point about the TheraGun is that it comes with its own travelling case which is very convenient to take it anywhere.

Now, we will look at why you would decide to go for the Hypervolt over the TheraGun as we think most people will do. The first reason that we already covered is how quiet it is based on Quiet Glide™ technology.

The second thing that we also talked about is the three different speed settings which is suitable for different kinds of people.

The third aspect is the long extended battery life. With the Theragun, the most you will get with continuous usage is about one and a half hour and that is with the two batteries. This is much lower as compared to the 3 hours battery life of Hypervolt which has only one battery.

The last factor for the Hypervolt is the price. The TheraGun G3PRO goes for about six hundred dollars at this moment. This price may come down in the future. For Hypervolt as we mentioned earlier the price is about three hundred and fifty dollars. This is a difference of more than two hundred dollars and we think that is quite a significant amount for most people. This will be the key factor that will make many people decide to choose it over the Theragun.

We would personally consider and recommend that decision because of the many advantages that this percussion device has. Welcome to comment!
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  1. Thanks for your review! It really helps. I think the battery life is so attractive. As for as I know, it has the longest battery life compared with other cordless massagers. Good job!

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