TheraGun G2PRO: Everything you should know

TheraGun G2PRO is a type of massage gun specially designed with a vibratory motor. It comes in an attractive and convenient design which is comformtable to hold. Therapists have used this device in the treatment of neuromuscular conditions and have achieved impressive results. In addition, it is an excellent self-servicing massage device for ordinary people. In this post we will try out best to provide everything you should know about TheraGun G2PRO.

Benefits of TheraGun G2PRO

1. High performance

It operates with the help of a powerful motor which is battery powered. This kind of motor makes it more powerful than other existing varieties of handheld massagers such as Hypervolt, Pure wave cm7 and so on.

2. High quality

With proper storage and maintenance, this massage device can give you service for years and years without breaking down. It is no wonder people who use the Theragun G2PRO never turn back in search of other massage devices. It gives you amazing value for your money and has a tendency to leave a relaxing sensation long after you’ve used it.

3. Good for health

While massaging your body with TheraGun G2PRO, you will experienced increased blood flow in that area. This helps alleviate stiffness and soreness on your back, your shoulders or any other part of the body where you are experiencing issues.

4. Being Used by many Professionals

There are many recreational massage equipment out in the market. Sometimes it can be hard to tell which equipment is better than the other in terms of quality and service. With TheraGun G2PRO, however, there shouldn’t be a doubt in your mind. Athletes and professional trainers at the gym use this massage equipment to fire or rejuvenate their muscles and eliminate the buildup of lactic acid. On the other hand, medical physicians choose this specific device to treat their patients.

What is in the box?

theragun g2pro

  • One Theragun G2PRO device
  • Deluxe Protective Carrying Case
  • 2 LithiumTech batteries (1 volt each)
  • 1 charger
  • Standard attachment: ideal for general use
  • Large attachment: for large muscle groups (quads, glutes, etc.) and extreme muscle and joint soreness
  • Cone  attachment: for trigger points and small muscle areas (feet, wrist, etc.)
  • Dampener attachment: for sensitive muscles or bony areas that require less impact
  • 1-year warranty for the massage equipment and 90-day warranty for the batteries.

To get all the above, Theragun G2PRO is set at a price of $600. We have to admit that it is a little bit expensive. If this is a bit too high for you, we also have some alternatives for you, you could click here to learn more products about massagers.

How to use Theragun G2PRO

For best results, it is advisable that you cover at least one inch with each second. Continuously massage this area for 60 seconds to 90 seconds before moving on to some other area of your body. The following figure from the official website of TheraGun shows the details about how to use it. And we also post a detail blog about how to use a handheld massger.

Theragun muscle areas


Note that while this equipment works well for certain body parts, you are discouraged from using it on certain areas for your own well-being. Using this device to massage areas such as your head, your genitalia, or on top of open wounds or injuries is a complete no-no. This can end up posing danger to your health or making an already dire situation worse.


Some users complained about a few issues they experienced while using this massage equipment. Some of these drawbacks:

  • Too loud for some users
  • Only one speed setting.
  • The batteries can run out faster than some existing massagers such as Hypervolt.

Theragun G2PRO is a very versatile massage equipment that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. If you’re working on someone who needs that deep work and they don’t mind the noise, Theragun is perfect choice!
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