Theragun G3PRO: 4 big improvements released

The time I first knew the brand Theragun is when I borrowed its second generation handheld massager Theragun G2PRO from my friend. I was so impressed by its power, and also its voice which was so loud! If only judging from the voice, I’m afraid that G2RPO will break a hole on my body. Many people and reviews all reported the biggest disadvantage is its voice. Now a good news is that Theragun G3PRO is released!

Theragun G3PRO
  • The first thing is the voice absolutely. In Theragun’s Twitter, they said that they have heard people’s reponse, then they do their best to reduce 50% which is really a big improvement. The second thing is the weight.
  • Compared with other massagers, G2PRO has only one speed. Now G3PRO has two different speed for a variety of treatment options.
  • Although G2PRO’s attachments are designed good enough, G3PRO still redesigned the attachments. What’s more, 6 different attachments are provided. For example, the large ball attachment is designed with closed-cell PU foam which make it more aerodynamic, lotion, oil and sweat friendly.
  • Battery life is always what we are concerned for the cordless handheld massagers. Now G3RPO has been equipped with two 75min batteries compared with the previous 45min batteries.

If you are interested in Theragun G3PRO and hope to learn more information about it, you can save this page. We will update this blog to provide all the things about Theragun G3PRO.

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